About me

Bogdan - Tram 21

My name is Bogdan and I'm the designer behind Tram 21. I live in Brussels, Belgium, with my wife and our new-born daughter.

The first time I thought about starting this business was in January 2015. I was then only drawing patterns and sewing for myself, but I already had 2 or 3 sketches of the bags I'm selling now. 

How did I make the first bag ?

You know the feeling you have when a perfume or a song take you back in time to a moment you thought you forgot? This is what I wanted to create: a bag like a notebook, recording your journeys for future dreaming. A bag is a silent witness of all the travels you made to discover yourself. And it knows all your secrets, because it was there with you. But how do you create a bag that can absorb these memories?

The first prototype I made was the military duffle bag.
Every bag of my collection is centered around a scenario you might encounter in your every day life.
I wrote down 5 different scenarios when you need a bag. It's Friday afternoon and you want to take a break from the city; or you want to discover the hidden streets of your own town; or you go out for a drink with your friends; or it's already Monday morning and it's time to go to school or to work. 
I then watched my friends in this 5 scenarios, taking notes about what kind of bags they use. I asked them how they felt and how they would improve their bags. It was a thorough process that helped me start with my sketches. 

This is how I started.